Disbanded Supeheroes: Madded Eater Lad.

Tra i Supereroi della prima era nel mondo dei fumetti americani, alcuni raggiungono livelli di Disbandedness che nemmeno gli umani hanno mai toccato. Questo, ad esempio, aveva il super potere di mangiare. Mangiare qualsiasi cosa, fosse anche un albero o la portiera di un’automobile. Non i nemici però, perché il cannibalismo non era ancora ammesso nei comics. Ecco la descrizione che ne viene fatta dal sito Popculture: “Matter Eater Lad should at least get the award for the worst superhero name in comic history. Matter Eater Lad was a character from Legion of the Superheroes. Now in the 1960s the writers at DC comics were always looking for new and strange powers for their quickly growing cast of teenage futuristic heroes. Get this – Matter Eater Lad’s power was the ability to eat through any substance. Yup. The power of “super eating”. It kind of worked like this: you needed to get through a steel door you got Matter Eater Lad to “eat” it. Dig? However Matter Eater Lad wasn’t into cannibalism so he never actually chowed down on any bad guys. Mind you, I think cannibalism was against the comic code act back then”. Matter Eater Lad sparì pochi anni dopo la sua comparsa per complicazioni legate (pare) all’apparato digerente. (thanks Enricomaria)

Super Elvis has left the building.



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